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The following are some karate relates links you may find interesting.




Kamikaze Karate equipment

Middle and high quality karate suits, equipment, books and videos. Site also contains an “Events” calendar for courses and competitions around Europe.


Kihon Kata - Step by Step (with graphics)

Karate union of Australia

Kata (with charts)

Karate terminology and techniques

Combat Team

How to tie your belt (with graphics)

All Karate

How to tie your belt (videos)


Understanding karate Shotokan Kata (with vidoes)

Karate Forums

Forum on karate related topics

Tokaido, Japan

High quality Tokaido karate suits and equipment direct from Japan. Site available in English.

Shotokan Karate Magazine, UK

Quarterly magazine dedicated to Shotokan.

Classical Fighting Arts, USA

Quarterly magazine covering all martial arts including karate. Site includes online articles.

Hirota, Japan

High quality Hirota karate suits and equipment direct from Japan. Site available in English.

Meijin, UK

Beginner, middle and high quality karate suits and equipment

Shotokan Karate Association, UK

Site contains videos of all 26 standard Shotokan kata.

Shotokai Karate-do & Japanese Martial Arts Encyclopaedia, Chile

Information about Japanese martial arts in general and in particular Shotokai, a cousin of Shotokan. Very interesting as both styles share their early history and influences.

UCD Karate Club

Details about the University College Dublin Karate Club.

NUIG Karate Club

Details about the NUIG Karate Club. Kata videos available here.

UL Karate Club

Details about the UL Karate Club.

Japan Karate Association HQ, Japan

Information in English about the background, methods, goals and philosophy of the JKA.

Shotokan ryu Kase ha karate-do, Spain

Information in 5 languages about the late Kase Sensei (9th dan) and his training methods.

Karate-no-michi, France

Pascal Lecourt’s website. Only in French but contains video clips of kihon, kata and kumite demonstrations.

International Traditional Karate Federation, USA

Site of the ITKF headed by Hidetaka Nishiyama Sensei (9th dan), containing information and articles about traditional karate.